Premier Summer Ballet Program in Monmouth County

Monmouth Academy of Ballet’s Summer Program 2024

Elevating Classical Ballet

in Monmouth County

Grace and Precision

This summer, the Monmouth Academy of Ballet, located at 141 Broad Street, the hub of Red Bank, NJ, is excited to present its premier Summer Ballet Program which will run from June 24 to August 1, 2024. MAB’s intensive six-week program is for dancers, aspiring or experienced, who are eager to refine their classical ballet technique and achieve the highest levels of precision in their performance. The program promises a transformative experience under the guidance of the academy’s distinguished faculty in the heart of Monmouth County.

Focus on Technique

At the core of the Monmouth Academy of Ballet’s Summer Program is a rigorous focus on perfecting technique. Daily classes emphasize the fundamental principles of classical ballet, ensuring that each dancer builds a solid foundation. Students will engage in extensive barre work, center exercises, and across-the-floor variations that reinforce posture, alignment, and control. In an effort to challenge dancers to push their boundaries we’ve specially crafted our curriculum to provide the support necessary to master intricate movements all the while developing a polished technique. Through carefully structured classes our dancers will learn to move with fluidity and elegance. We place emphasis on the smooth transition between movements and the expression of emotion through your dancing. Central to Monmouth Academy of Ballet is precision which achieved through meticulous attention to detail and disciplined practice .

Silver Swans™: A Royal Academy of Dance Initiative

Monmouth Academy of Ballet is proud to offer the Silver Swans™ program. Silver Swans™ is an initiative the Royal Academy of Dance is spearheading. Ellen Taylor, our artistic director, guides this class as a specially licensed teach through the RAD. Silver Swans™ teachers are highly trained, allowing them to teach a range of abilities (seated or standing) to dancers 55 or older. MAB is proud to welcome dancers of all ages into the Silver Swans™! These open, accessible and low-impact classes are set to beautiful scores and provide a safe environment for anyone to begin their ballet education.

Choreography Centered Ballet Classes

Another distinctive feature of this year’s Summer Ballet Program at MAB is the special dedication of Thursdays to learning an original piece choreographed by our expert teachers. These sessions will immerse dancers in the creative process, allowing them to apply the technique, grace, and precision honed at MAB to a performance in real time. Families and supporters of Monmouth Academy of Ballet can experience their efforts during our 10th Anniversary Open House in September 2024! Our summer program dancers will perform at our 10th Anniversary Open House on September 7, 2024. This event is a highlight for the Monmouth Academy of Ballet, providing an opportunity for dancers to present their hard work over the summer to an audience of family, friends, and the Monmouth County community. It serves as an introduction for both prospective dancers and their families to the academy’s exceptional training programs.

Ballet Program Enrollment and Contact Information

Enrollment for the Summer Program is now open and filling fast! The Monmouth Academy of Ballet offers an unparalleled opportunity for dancers in Central Jersey to enhance their technique, embrace the beauty of ballet, and experience the benefits of a focused and comprehensive ballet summer program. Eliminate the fuss of traveling to the city for your ballet experience without sacrificing expertise. Come dance with us this summer and be part of an inspiring tradition of excellence in classical ballet!

Follow this link to fill out our registration form and join our summer program. For any inquiries please feel free to reach out to our office manager, Holly, at or 732-945-9913. We look forward to dancing with you!


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