Why Ballet

Ballet training can enrich your child’s life. It helps children mature physically, emotionally, socially and cognitively while fostering a healthy life-style. Ballet instills positive qualities that will serve your child well throughout their life and will enable them to enrich the lives of others.  Ballet is an essential foundation and launch pad for all other forms of dance.

NJ Ballet Instruction

Ballet Helps Your Child Mature

Ballet conditions students’ bodies and minds better than any other form of dance. Many don’t realize that professional ballet dancers are as physically fit as professional athletes. Ballet dancers develop muscle strength, flexibility and mobility enabling them to execute difficult movements with apparent ease. Ballet improves posture and balance which contribute to a leaner, more graceful and elegant appearance. Learning complex ballet movements requires intense concentration and mental alertness while frequent repetition connects the mind and body enabling an almost intuitive response when it is time for the dancer to perform.

Ballet Instills Positive Qualities

Confidence and self-esteem develop as young ballet dancers conquer new movements and become more certain of their ability to apply themselves, work hard, and master the tasks put before them.  Dedication and commitment are qualities students demonstrate as they progress from beginner to advanced. Self-discipline and responsibility are qualities students need to learn and apply in order to meet their many obligations at the studio, at school and at home.

Ballet is the Foundation

All dancers need ballet training because it is the foundation for other forms of dance. It is essential that ballet training be included your child’s development as a dancer and not be ignored if other forms of dance are to be explored.  To dance safely and correctly young dancers require the strength, flexibility and balance acquired with ballet training. The more a student studies ballet, the more they progress and flourish in every other style of dance.

Benefits Beyond The Studio

The benefits of ballet reach far beyond the dance studio. Parents often report significant improvement in their child’s class room performance or their ability to compete on the athletic field. While a small fraction of ballet students become professional dancers, others  achieve success in roles associated with the performing arts. Those who have found careers in other fields often credit their ballet experience for their success and ability to accomplish other important life goals.

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