Elevating Ballet Excellence in NJ: Monmouth Academy of Ballet’s Royal Academy of Dance Curriculum

In the heart of Monmouth County, New Jersey, lives the finest classical ballet training at the Monmouth Academy of Ballet (MAB), led by the accomplished Artistic Director, Miss Ellen. As the leading ballet school in NJ, MAB is committed to the art of ballet, offering a curriculum guided by the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in London, England.

The Royal Academy of Dance Influence:

The Royal Academy of Dance, renowned as the world’s foremost formal institution of ballet instruction, serves as the guiding light for MAB’s curriculum. This global standard for ballet education is reflected in every plié, tendu, and grand jeté at MAB. The school is proud to align itself with RAD, ensuring all our students receive the best training in classical ballet.

Miss Ellen: A Beacon of Ballet Expertise:

Center stage at Monmouth Academy of Ballet is the esteemed Artistic Director, Miss Ellen. A former professional ballet dancer with a prestigious performing career, Miss Ellen brings a wealth of experience to MAB. Her status as a registered teacher with RAD adds a distinctive touch to the academy’s curriculum. MAB is committed to classical ballet technique. Miss Ellen’s leadership shapes aspiring dancers seeking the pinnacle of NJ ballet instruction.

MAB’s Sole Focus on Classical Ballet:

In a world where dance schools offer a variety of styles, MAB stands apart with its exclusive dedication to classical ballet. As the premier ballet academy in NJ, MAB provides an environment where students can grow, thrive and succeed. The academy’s commitment ensures that every student experiences a comprehensive and authentic dance education – focused strictly on classical ballet .

Curriculum Overview:

MAB’s curriculum, rooted in the RAD methodology, is a meticulously crafted path through the fundamentals and intricacies of classical ballet. From the early stages of ballet basics to advanced techniques and pointe work, students progress through a structured program that safely hones their skills, technique and strength.

Unique Features of MAB’s Curriculum:

  • Comprehensive Training: MAB’s curriculum covers the entire spectrum of ballet, from foundational exercises to advanced choreography. Students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the rigors of a professional ballet career.
  • RAD Certification: The inclusion of RAD certification ensures that students at MAB receive a globally recognized accreditation, opening doors to opportunities in the international dance community.
  • Performance Opportunities: MAB believes in the transformative power of stage performance. The academy provides students with opportunities to showcase their talent, fostering confidence and stage presence.

Monmouth Academy of Ballet stands apart as a symbol of classical ballet excellence. With a curriculum guided by the esteemed Royal Academy of Dance, under the leadership of the accomplished Miss Ellen, MAB continues to inspire dancers young and old into skilled and expressive artists. For those seeking a ballet academy in NJ that combines tradition, expertise, and a passion for the art of ballet, Monmouth Academy of Ballet stands as the premier choice.


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