A Transformative Experience

I recently reflected on one of my advanced students and her experience, as she came to Monmouth Academy of Ballet recently from a local dance school. It was immediately clear to me she had been placed en pointe prematurely, meaning that her facility was not quite ready for the demands that pointe places on one’s body. This can do lasting harm and unfortunately happens too frequently.

This dancer is hyper mobile, and her joints extend past a typical range of motion. What I observed in her movements and particularly in her jumping is that she sat “too deep” in her joints. Her condition is not all that uncommon, but it does require specific conditioning in order to compensate for the hyper mobility, strengthen the appropriate muscles and train them to fire correctly.

In just a short period of time, her progress has been remarkable as we work diligently through an appropriate regimen of training, strengthening, and practice of movement. The student now has a deep appreciation and thorough understanding of not only her specific condition, but also why personalized attention and training was required.

And the results are fabulous. When she stands, turns, and jumps, her form is greatly improved, and her performance is wonderful. And she knows it. Now, when she dances, she smiles.

During class recently this lovely dancer proclaimed, “This is so exciting! When I jump, I’m actually getting off the floor. And I have real hang time!”

This is the personalized attention and individual care that every student deserves. I feel truly grateful to be able to provide that to every dancer I teach, and I love to watch their joy as they progress.



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